Electric Guitar

We don’t always think about second-hand guitars, but sometimes it
can be a very wise choice.

Why buy a used guitar?

Buying a used guitar has several advantages, the first being
the price. Indeed, for a given budget, buying a used guitar will give you
access to much better quality guitars.

A better quality guitar is often easier to play and has a better
sound. For a beginner it is therefore an advantage because you will obtain a
satisfactory result more quickly. When asked about which guitar to buy, a great
guitarist used to say: “Always buy the best instrument that your budget

When you’re new to the guitar, you’re still not sure you want to go
on for years. For this reason, you are not always ready to invest in a good
quality guitar at first.

Buying a used guitar is therefore a good option to start with a
good guitar or to play a better quality instrument than your budget would have
allowed for a new guitar.

How to choose a used guitar?

Regardless of the type of guitar you want to buy, there are a few
things you should be especially careful about when buying a used guitar.

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about it, but you
want to buy a used guitar, it is advisable to have a more experienced guitarist
friend accompany you to try it out.

The aesthetics of the used guitar

Start by checking the aesthetics of the guitar, it’s the easiest
thing to do. Look at the following things:

Shocks on a used guitar

Are there any scratches, dents, bumps, cracks or other splinters on
the used guitar?

Some of them are not serious, especially the small shocks that
cause paint loss on electric guitars for example. Also the presence of
scratches on the guitar is not a serious thing in itself.

However, some shocks can be more serious and cause a deformation of
the body on a used classical or acoustic guitar. Other points to check are
shocks on the neck or the mechanics or even cracks in the wood.

The sound qualities of the used guitar

Once you’ve taken a good look at the guitar, it’s time to try it
out for playability, comfort and sound.

The electronics

Are the microphones working properly? Check all microphones and
microphone configurations.

Are the knobs in good condition? Listen for noise and interference
from the volume and tone knobs and the microphone selector.

A second hand guitar on the internet

You can easily find used guitars on the internet. There are
thousands of ads for guitars and you can find everything.